1. The 1st International Conference on Diversified Education and Social Development [DESD2021] has been held successfully. For more information, you can visit the conference official website:
2. We are looking for keynote speaker and TPC (technical program committee) member for the conference.


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Topics of interest, but are not limited to:

  • 1. Education Science
Anthropology of education 
Comparative and international education 
Economics of education
History of education 
Education policy studies 
Educational administration and leadership
Curriculum studies
Learning and teaching 
Interdisciplinarity in language teaching and learning
Special education
Language and literacy 
Applied linguistics
Human development and psychology.
Childhood studies 
Educational psychology
Teaching and learning
Teaching translation
Education policy and administration
Child and fmily education
Innovation in new normal era

  • 2. Sociology
Social research or social science
Social psychology
Social research methods
Classical and modern sociological theories
Social statistics and computer applications
Social work
Organizational sociology
Social walkers
Social insurance and social welfare
Social environmental protection
Sociology of population
Social statistics

  • 3. Psychology
General psychology
Developmental psychology
Educational Psychology
Medical psychology
Social psychology
Cognitive psychology
Clinical psychology

  • 4. Linguistics
General Linguistics
Than teaching linguistics
Linguistic geography
Applied Linguistics
Chinese Studies
Foreign language

  • 5. Culture,Sports,Law,History
Literature, journalism
Music, movies
Architecture, art, religion
Developmental psychology
Personality psychology
Sense and perception
Cognitive psychology
Competitive sports
Professional sports
Sports events
Fans culture
Olympic culture
Administrative law, civil and commercial law, economic law
Social law, criminal law, procedural law

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