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Hangzhou, which has been called "heaven on earth" since ancient times.The world's impression of Hangzhou is both natural lakes and mountains and full of historical sites. It was full of praise.

1. The West Lake
The West Lake has more than 100 park attractions, including three autumn osmanthus, six Bridges and willow, nine miles of cloud pines, ten miles of lotus landscape, "Ten Views of west Lake", "Ten views of New West Lake", "ten Views of Three Comments on West Lake", more than 60 national, provincial and municipal key cultural relics protection units and more than 20 museums.

2. Xixi wetland
Xixi National Wetland Park is located in the west of the city. It is a rare natural wetland in the city with quiet environment and crisscrossing waterways. It is known as "the kidney of Hangzhou".

3. Lingyin temple
Hefang Street is an ancient street with a long history and profound cultural deposits. It used to be the root of the imperial city of hangzhou, the ancient capital, as well as the cultural and economic center of the Southern Song Dynasty.

4. Song City and the southern Song imperial kilns
"Building for form, culture for soul" is the management philosophy of Song Cheng. The city's dougong eaves, heavy traffic, restore the song Dynasty city style.

5. Longjing tea
The new West Lake is one of the ten scenic spots to visit the Longjing tea culture. West Lake Longjing tea is mainly produced in Longjing village. Longjing tea not only combines the color, aroma, taste and shape of tea, but also combines the five famous mountains, temples, lakes, springs and famous teas.

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